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lora UA Observer (4 years 11 months ago)

Thank you very much for that great article

vipescorts-girls.com UA Observer (4 years 11 months ago)

Inga said "what a load of crap!" just for the sake of irony, but I'll refrain

What a Joke! US Observer (5 years 2 months ago)

Socialism is all fun \'n games, till the bill comes due.

Very Obvious! US Observer (5 years 11 months ago)

I suppose Obama\'s supporters here will go into a deep shock, and find all sorts of excuses for Obama. As for Romney the BS against Romney is already being piled up sky high here.

You have been warned! US Observer (5 years 11 months ago)

Obama has done an excellent job of routing money to his supporters (Solyndra, UAW, etc.)

You decide.. US Observer (6 years 14 hours ago)

According to his book, obama got into college by listing himself as a foreign student, mentored by self-proclaimed socialists, grew to hate the white race. He didn\'t live the American dream, he lived the Mexican dream.

@JOE M US Observer (6 years 2 days ago)

After Obama threw our ally Mubarak under the bus his friends The Muslim Brotherhood now have over a billion of our dollars that we borrowed from the Chinese, good job Democrats!

Joe M US Voted for Obama is fraud (6 years 2 months ago)

Obama! I feel like the country is going to be United States of China in a year or two maximum

Obama is fraud. US Observer (6 years 4 months ago)

It is time for Israel to cut its commercial relations which Egypt after that the Muslim Brother Messiah Obama converted Egypt from peaceful country under Mubarak to a Jihadist fanatic regime of the Muslim Brothers and Hamas that seek the destruction of Israel. Clearly, commercial deals with the Jihadist terrorists that live by the reactionary Sharia laws of the 7th century especially on critical issue as energy supply is not good idea for Israel that can survive even better without it.

Reality. US Voted for Obama is fraud (6 years 5 months ago)

Israel has a right to protect its borders, something I wish Obama and the rest of the democrats believed of the US. But they want open borders so that they can continue to build the huge slacker cla-ss in the US - something they have been doing for over 50 years (and very successfully). Of course we are now doomed to a third world economy.

John Heare Voted for Obama is fraud (6 years 6 months ago)

Obama is nothing more than a well trained terrorist who has been trained by the best to lie so well, you can\'t believe anything he has said or will say,look at his corrupt display of puting us in debty so deep it will take hundreds of years to get us debt free, please don\'t vote for this lying terrorist ty

As Baroness Thatcher once said US Observer (6 years 9 months ago)

- \"Trouble with Socialists is they eventually run out of Other Peoples Money\" ...

america a slave Observer (6 years 10 months ago)

america is a slave to isreal, you all are slaves to the jews. kiss your rulers a s s in isreal.

Minnie CL Observer (6 years 10 months ago)

Thanks for the great info dog I owe you bgigity.

Gerrilyn Observer (6 years 10 months ago)

Apparently this is what the esteemed Willis was taikln\' \'bout.

Karess Observer (6 years 10 months ago)

Your article perfectly shows what I nedeed to know, thanks!

Voice of reason. US Voted for Obama is fraud (6 years 11 months ago)

Thanks Pres Obama. The Arab Spring Freedom Fighters are the same racist, intolerant racist terrorists that attacked us on 911. I hope you are glad that you embraced them. First the ki-lled and persecuted the Christians and onto the Israel. At least no country will make the mistake of relying on USA loyalty while Obama is in charge

asma GB Voted for Obama is fraud (7 years 24 days ago)

obama is definately a fraud ,a coward and a puppet on a string

mari555 Voted for Obama is fraud (7 years 24 days ago)

OBAMA IS POWERFUL BUT .................... .................... .................... .

mari555 Voted for Obama is fraud (7 years 25 days ago)


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